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Mercurial MediaMercurial Media provides innovative solutions for creating and maintaining your business’ presence on the Web. Specializing in dynamic Web content, we will enable you to gain a competitive edge by putting the Internet to work for you.

Creating a static Web site is only the beginning for online businesses. A static Web site does little more than provide a cost-efficient way to distribute information. The most profitable solutions come from the effective use of Web Applications, Online Databases, Dynamic Content, and E-commerce.

Web Applications

Hand on mouseWeb Applications may look like any other page on the Web, but they allow you to interact with your audience on a new level. Web applications put the Internet to work for you by providing services such as applying for a membership, generating a custom quote, or searching a customer support database. Mercurial Media can help you take your business into the future by Web-enabling your business processes to cut costs, improve services, and increase sales.

If you are considering a new business application, consider building it using Web technology instead of traditional client-server technology. Your application will be accessible from any operating system or platform and it can be run from anywhere in the world.

Dynamic Content

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While static Web sites can provide access to an abundance of information, dynamic Web sites enable your audience to act immediately on the knowledge that they gain. A dynamic Web site is alive – it is a fluid, evolving medium that constantly changes in order to keep your audience coming back for more. Why settle for a static “electronic brochure” when you can have a powerful, profitable, dynamic Web presence for your business?

Maintain your own dynamic Web site at a fraction of the cost of maintaining a static site. We can create a secure area on your Web site for you to manage your site from anywhere in the world. This intuitive management interface gives you control of all of the dynamic content on your site. Imagine being able to read your invoices, post news articles, or change textual or graphical aspects of your Web site using only one tool: a Web browser.

Electronic Commerce

Looking to sell merchandise on the Web? Mercurial Media can provide you with secure, real-time credit card transactions on your Web site. Combine that with our Mercurial WebShopTM shopping cart application and you have everything you need to open your own electronic storefront. Our WebShopTM application also provides payload delivery for the store that needs to deliver instantly. We can customize your storefront so that you can offer additional functionality such as: membership services, cross-selling, custom sales reports, and more.

WebShopTM is a custom Web application that can be purchased or leased as part of a Web development project.

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